TLD and DNS on Cloudflare

Hello and Happy New Year 2022, or at least better than the previous ones,

I’ve just acquired one domain name on Cloudflare for my server located at Cloudsigma.

But I guess Cloudsigma doesn’t provide any Primary or Secondary DNS directly, only Reverse DNS, but maybe I’m wrong…

Please do I need to purchase them on Cloudflare or is it possible to use their DNS addresses if they are possibly included with a domain name purchased here ?

Thanks in advance for your gentle answer and kind regars,

Cloudflare will provide nameservers and you’ll actually have to use them.

However, before you can add your domain to Cloudflare, your domain needs to resolve fine with other nameservers? Does it currently resolve? If not, set your registrar’s nameservers.

What’s the domain?

Hi and thank you for your response !

My domain is but my server isn’t running yet…

Well, that domain is already on Cloudflare. All you need to do is set your records.

Yes, was activated just a few minutes ago…

So I may use directly the functionalities provided by Clouflare to do that !

Thank you for your appreciated help.

Absolutely. Just make sure you have the right DNS records configured on Cloudflare and your server has a proper SSL certificate and you are all set :slight_smile:

Great, I will save the discussion for later processing :slight_smile:

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