Tk top level domains

So I guess you can’t use the ddns api for tk top level domains, how does one go about updating the dynamic address? Thanks in advance.

For the FreeNom domains, you have to use the web based Dashboard. The only alternative is to purchase a domain from another TLD.

Yeah that’s the api error message tells me to do. I have changed the dns severs on freenom to the cloudflare ones like I’m suppose to, where do I go from there? I’m just worried my dynamic ip will change and my stuff will be borked. Appreciate the help so far.

If you are using a .tk domain and the IP of your web server can change at random, the best option I can think of is to use cloudflared to connect your web server. Or get a different domain, like a .com or any non-Freenom domain.

I use free Freenom domains for testing, but would never use one in production. I assume they are disposable. Lots of domains are available in the $5-$10 per year range, so it’s not a massive cost.

I appreciate all the input, I’ll try the cloudflared. If that doesn’t work, I’ll do some shopping. I was kinda concerned about using the tk full time, only got it play play another with one but this may be more trouble than worth.

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