Tips on improving the cache hit rate?

I run an image hosting website that stores content (upload and generated thumbnails) on Amazon S3, and I use Cloudflare in front of S3 for caching.

This is great not only for the speed, but also because it sames me a lot of money on my S3 data transfer bill. I love Cloudflare and it enables me to run my one-man company!

I was wondering if there were any tips to further improve my cache hit rate. I was looking at some Cloudflare analytics, and I discovered that during the past week (that’s as far as the analytics go), I have a 65% cache miss.

Is there anything I can investigate to improve this?


If you are on the Free plan, then you could perhaps try and upgrade to the Pro plan. The better the plan you have, the higher priority your images will have in Cloudflare data center caches before being evicted.

Hi, I am already on the Pro plan.

You’re going to have to roll up those sleeves and do some analysis work. Look through your logs and figure out what isn’t getting cached. If it isn’t getting cached, why not? Is the TTL too low? Is it not set to cache for some reason? Is it really a dynamic page? It can be a laborious process, but I have always found it kind of fun.

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