Tips for migrating DNS from AWS Route53 to Cloudflare?

I am thinking of moving my domain’s DNS from AWS Route53 to Cloudflare to take advantage of Cloudflare Traffic Manager/Load Balancing features. But with AWS Route53 i have a lot GeoDNS and Geo latency DNS records as well as AWS alias DNS records linking to AWS Cloudfront and S3 services.

Anyone gone through this process already and has some tips ? I am thinking of using AWS awscli to export my domain’s DNS zone file for import into Cloudflare DNS but all the GeoDNS/Geo latency and alias DNS records would be missing and would have to be manually mapped to Cloudflare.

Any tips and hints would be appreciated :slight_smile:


I think you’re on the right path. The load balancing and geo-steering equivalents in Cloudflare have slightly different features and settings. Depending on the plan you’re on you have different levels of failover available as well (ENT can do geo-steering at the POP level, though for most region level is sufficient).

You can share pools across multiple domains , so if you wanted to use a test/dev domain to configure and test your setup before going live against your production domain you could do so and reuse some or all of the configuration on your production domain when you’re ready to do the nameserver cutover.


thanks @cs-cf didn’t know you could share pools across multiple domains ! I already have a replicated domain mirror on Cloudflare matching my live domain with Cloudflare load balancer (traffic manager - still like that name better!) already setup to replicate all my backend origins ! It’s what I have been testing traffic manager with. So should be easier to setup on live domain :slight_smile: