Tips For Google Sites User Who Don't Have GSuite And Wanting Naked Domain

Here’s How To Use Naked Domain WITHOUT Google Admin Console

  1. First Go To
  2. in wwwizer copy the ip address that they provided on top of their page
  3. go to dns page in your website’s Cloudflare settings
  4. click add record and put in the name @ and keep it A record and next to the name put the ip address that you copied in the wwwizer website earlier the orange cloud and set the TTL From auto to 2 mins to be fast add record or submit or the button next to the orange cloud
  5. wait awhile and go to your crypto page and see onion routing and disable it because it will cause errors for the redirect
  6. in the crypto page if your ssl certificate is already been 24 hour change from flexible to full or full strict because it wil solve issues like too many redirects
    and… done!
    for those of you who created your google sites just recently don’t do this as your ssl certificate takes 24 hours to fully activate.
    Disclaimer : this is a tips that i think is fast and reliable you can use your own solution if you wanted to.

No need for a third party service. You can achieve this with page rules -> Redirect to

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i’ve tried this with my own site and it failed but in the page rules i tried to redirect it with other site it worked
i just find third party service fast and reliable