Tip to help editing wp-config file

I was reading another post The post
But couldn’t reply the fix i found for not being able to edit the config file, the fix i found was to go into DNS settings and turn off proxies for cpanel, it should be on DNS only, do the edit you need then come back and switch it back on, no matter what i tried previously would work including the previous help in the the other post.

Rather, for better security approach, disable editting it through WordPress admin dashboard, remove the cPanel hostname (use hosting address to access the cPanel for your website), therefore connect via the server IP to the FTP, download the needed file, edit it, re-upload & replace existing one and done :wink:

True, but the OP in the other post couldn’t fix his issue using the front end which is what i commented on, i prefer front end UI if possible because i have issues with my ftp and 2 of my main websites.

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