Tip: Limitations with Cloudflare Image Resizing

Wasted a bunch of time on two limitations of Cloudflare Image Resizing that Cloudflare’s support helped me identify. Hoping adding this here will help other people trying to get started with Image Resizing:

The short version

  1. You cannot use Polish and Image resizing together. If you have it turned on, Cloudflare will not generate images.
  2. The “Resize images from any origin” isn’t actually an option despite the docs, dashboard, and dashboard help indicating that’s possible.


  1. The docs on Image Resizing say “Doesn’t apply Cloudflare’s Polish feature to resized images” but support clarified that “Unfortunately, there is a known issue with using Imagine Resizing and Polish together. When used together it can cause Imagine Resizing to not be applied if Polish is already being used. If you want to use Imagine Resizing we recommend disabling Polish it this case.”

  2. Any origin == any origin under the zone that’s proxied through Cloudflare. While the docs under the Help section of the dashboard states “‘Resize images from any origin’ will allow Image Resizing to resize images from any URI.” Support clarified “In order for either Polish or Image resizing to trigger the images would need to be on the root domain or subdomain endpoint that is proxied through Cloudflare’s edge network.”

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Cloudflare Image Resizing won’t work for requests to localhost. If you try with an image that exists, you can verify that Cloudflare Image Resizing works as intended. To verify, look for the header cf-resized: internal=ok/m t=0.424 v=2019.12.3.

The Limitations section of this article, https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360028146432-Understanding-Cloudflare-Image-Resizing mentions Cloudflare Image Resizing “Doesn’t apply Cloudflare’s Polish feature to resized images”

Yeah, figured out it won’t work with localhost after being told by to Cloudflare support people to incorrectly change my hosts file. (edit: removed bit that referenced another post)

Please reread the quote you just sent. Polish working on resized images isn’t the issue according to the response by Cloudflare’s support (and my experience). “Doesn’t apply Cloudflare’s Polish feature to resized images” should be written as they said in the support email “When used together it can cause Imagine Resizing to not be applied if Polish is already being used.” [typo from Cloudflare’s support included since most of the support people had terrible grammar]

Ultimately the real issue is that Cloudflare support doesn’t care to actually listen to customers or understand their problems. Everyone I talked to was confrontational. Don’t believe me? Try reading your response above out loud. Looks like you’re just trying to make me, the user look stupid and incorrect. Which might be the case, but escalating isn’t warranted.

Seems that they’re only trying to respond as fast as possible. I’d bet they’re rewarded/punished based on response time, but not on customer satisfaction.

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