TIN Requirement Taxes

I would like to require the Taxpayer residence certificate or the TIN for Cloudflare INC., 2019, this for taxpayer purposes in México for a purchase realize in March 9th over a business license

I rise a 3 tickets but a dont have answer, someone can help me

Hi @rcazaresd, can you share your ticket numbers here? I don’t see any similar requests.

And, please do not open three tickets, one will do. Multiple tickets guarantees a slower reply for you and everyone else in the Support queue.

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I share the tickes

1791627 22/11/2019

1793197 25/11/2019

1793987 26/11/2019

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Thank you, I’ll merge these tickets into 1793987. Note this line in the reply you received to each ticket:

This is an automated response which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email to reach a Cloudflare Technical Support Engineer.

Next, can you share, or reply to the ticket 1793987, the name of the domain this applies to? I don’t show any sites associated with your account and the team will need to know that to move forward. Sorry for the issues.

thanks for you time, but i have a problem, I
did not receive any confirmation or reply email after picking up the ticket 1793987
or of some other.

domain is “sre.gob.mx”



Could you share the required information on the ticket?

or give me status of this ticket 1793987


Can you give me update about this ticket, please

we need the Taxpayer residence certificate or the TIN for Cloudflare INC., 2019

i hope your answer,


Hi @rcazaresd, the ticket was closed due to lack of reply.

To create a ticket and ensure it will be handled and responded to as you expect, please:

  • Email to Support from the email address associated with the account
  • Only open one ticket
  • Share the ticket number here
  • Ensure the domain name is included with your email and ensure the domain name is/was in the account associated with the email address you use to mail to Support AT cloudflare DOT com