Timezone Change

I cannot find how or where to change the TZ.
UK time would be nice, we are 12 hours out ATM.
Using enterprise AC.

Yes, searching TZ, timezone and change time are useless.

Where is the wrong time zone showing up? Maybe @domjh has some insight into getting UK Time Zone. Also, Enterprise customers should have an on-call support person.

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Hi @charles,

Same question! Is this on the email responses to support tickets that shows the time in PDT?

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Inside the analytics reporting:

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Ah, that makes sense! Mine shows UK time, what does yours show?

I don’t recall ever setting this…

Would suggest either contacting your acc. manager, live chat or open a ticket. Not sure how that kind of think works on Ent.

Sorry I couldn’t help further.

Thanks, I will give them a nudge. We are on BST, analytics shows 12 hours behind!

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Did you check your system’s timezone? AFAIK Cloudflare takes that to display the time.

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