TimeoutError with Puppeteer + CloudFlare CDN

I have implemented a prerender application using Puppeteer and Express. I use this application to generate preview in facebook and whatsapp mainly. My web app uses vue.js framework with service worker enabled.

This works fine if I disabled caching (DNS Only). My prerender application successfully renders the page and return the html in couple of seconds. But if I turned on caching, prerender application throws TimeoutError. Issue is happening with page.goto() method. I have tried all the waitUntil options, but no luck. Interesting part is, if I request for the same URL for the second time, it will render correctly. First request will always fail if caching is turned on in CloudFlare.

I have tried adding IP Access Rule to whitelist my prerendering machine IP address. Also tried adding Firewall rule to “Allow” puppeteer user agent. Nothing helped. :frowning:

It will be really helpful if someone could point out what might be the reason for this issue.

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