Timeout Validation (HTTP)

Hello All,

I’m new here and pretty much a novice. I have two sites (primary and subdomain) and they show up under edge certificates as www. for both and then without the www.

The ones with WWW are showing active but the ones WITHOUT WWW are showing the Timed out validation.

Can someone share with me how can I fix this without breaking my sites?

Thank you in advance.

Can I have a look at your page rules & DNS setup (nothing sensitive, please!)


Thank you for the response. I’m very much a novice and don’t where to look for that. If you tell me where it’s located, I can check.

In the meantime, I saw some posts on this, reached out to support and wast told to disable and enable to universal SSL and waited 24 hours.

Now, the two non-www sites are reading the following: one of the sites says “pending validation” and the other says “pending issuance error” and I’m not sure what that means. I reached out to support yesterday but hadn’t heard back.

Any idea what this is?

Thanks in advance.

At the top of your dash, as you scroll from left to right, first you’ll see DNS & after scrolling a bit more you’ll see Page Rules.

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