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We are using a domestic CDN from our country, but our cron jobs are encountering the cURL error 28 and are not executing. When we informed them, they said we need to purchase their PRO version to be able to set rules for the Timeout duration and increase it.

Our site does not generate revenue, and we cannot afford those costs. Additionally, we cannot disable or run our cron jobs differently (we need to use a specific plugin for a special task, and there is no other plugin that can perform this task in a different way that avoids using cron jobs).

Now I have a question:

Can the free version of Cloudflare provide us with this capability, or do we need to purchase their professional versions?

Thank you.

If you are referring to the 524 error returned from Cloudflare, the timeout is 100 seconds and can only be changed with an Enterprise plan - a Pro plan is not enough.

You will need to work around the problem by doing one of…

  • setting the DNS record to “DNS only”
  • changing your cron job to request through a special DNS record set to “DNS only”
  • changing your cron job to use the IP address of your server, or localhost, or other non-Cloudflare routed solution
  • change the script so you can start it with a request, then poll it for completion if needed
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