Timeout on Site But No Error Code?

Getting a Timeout " This site can’t be reached" when trying to view any site on one of my domains (regardless of host location)

Other domains on CF dont have the issue and they are the same servers as those affected

Is this a CF issue or something else?

Could it be a geographical CF based issue?

If I remote into a work PC it says the same, but that is the same city as me

Due to the lack of error code being generated it goes to a default page rather than my custom error page, which isnt great.

Without more information… I’m going to guess that your domain has expired.

Still got months before renewal is due

I can watch my log and see activity, but I am unable to see my own attempts to connect over https

It obviously has not had any changes etc…

I can ssh in no problem at all using IP address

DNS issue?

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