Timeout occurs when perform database optimization in WHMCS


I am just using the free plan of Cloudflare on my site. At the beginning, it seems that everything is fine.

However, after some test, I find the WHMCS(www.whmcs.com) system installed on my site(at Portal Home - DataNumen, Inc.) does not work properly:

  1. After I login, I will logout automatically from time to time.

  2. Although 1 is a minor issue, I then go to “Database Status” and click “Optimize Tables”, then after some time, I will get a Error 524(Timeout error). See below:

I try to change Cloudflare to “Development mode”, then try again, then I will see a pop message in the top of the page, as below:

THen I try to pause Cloudflare completely, instead of using “Development Mode”, then try again, this time I again get Error 524.

So what is the problem? Need I change the DNS server back to my original server to solve this issue?



As I get no replies and supports, I have to restore the DNS server back to my oriignals.

Pausing takes at least five minutes to take effect. If you’re seeing that same 524 error, it’s still going through Cloudflare and hitting the same 100 second timeout limit.

I suggest you add your server’s IP address to your local hosts file and make a direct connection to avoid the timeout limit.


Is it possible to increase the 100 second timeout limit? 100 second may too little for some database optimization operations.

Unfortunately, no. Unless you’re on an Enterprise plan that allows up to 600 seconds.

Just a follow-up, after I switch back to my original name severs, everything is fine. THe “Optimize Tables” just take a bit long time to complete. And finally it shows “All database tables successfully optimized!”.

So this should be just the timeout limit issue raised from Cloudflare.

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