Timeout Error When Trying to Publish Web Pages

We have a website (community.planetree.org) where Cloudflare is presenting a captcha challenge when we try to update a page from the admin console. We don’t actually see the captcha challenge, it simply makes the page time out. Here is a link to the a screen capture showing what is happening: 03.02.2021-09.22.42

How dow we whitelist community.planetree.org from receiving captcha challenges?

Take a look at Firewall Events Log to see why you’re getting a CAPTCHA.

As for the allow list, you could try adding your server’s IP address in Firewall → Tools.

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I was challenged by visiting your URL with a Captcha.
Have you got enabled I am Under an Attack! mode at Cloudflare?

I am under attack mode is not turned on. However, we were under a severe attack and I have some firewall rules turned on for certain countries.

From the above video posted, “Your IP” is your IP or your server’s IP?
Who is sending the request? (guessing you as a user)

Moreover, what about HTTP headers you get for your request which returns 403?

As @sdayman already stated, what security settings do you have configured at Cloudflare dashboard?
Have you tried adding your server IP to the IP Access Rules - while checking the Firewall rules because it can interfere each other due to priority.

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