Timeout Error on Form

Hello everyone!

Problem description:
Basically when I have Cloudflare enabled and try to login on my website with a given username containing a double quote (") the request to the PHP file is not being made. You can try it: https://account.spacelab.club. If I pause Cloudflare on my website, everything works fine.

Problem frequency:

Steps to reproduce problem:

  • Open Developer Tools > Network
  • Go on the website
  • Add a double quote in either username or password field
  • Complete captcha
  • Request to the login PHP script is Pending

Actual results:
Error 524 Timeout

Expected results:
Website sending error “Username or password is not correct”.

Additional info:

  • Works fine with Cloudflare paused for the website

With double quote as username and/or password:

Thanks in advance if you can help :smiley:

Anyone got an idea? Because if people want to have have a password with a double quote they can’t register.

Not that I know

It is on Cloudflare’s side.
When it’s disabled it works fine :man_shrugging:

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Anyone might know what causes a timeout when I have Cloudflare enabled?

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