Timeframe V8

Moving to V8 7.1, 7.2.
What is Cloudflare timeframe? Only stable releases?

I was planning to use V8 v7.1.179 for Intl.RelativeTimeFormat API

We will likely ship 7.1 the week after it lands in Chrome Beta. Chrome 71 is scheduled to go into beta between Oct 25 and Nov 1. If Chrome 71 goes beta before Oct 29, then we’ll probably ship V8 7.1 by Nov 1, otherwise we’ll probably ship it by Nov 8.

Note that in general, our promise is to track at least Chrome Stable, but we’ve found that tracking Beta makes it somewhat easier to backport critical bug fixes, which we find ourselves doing from time to time.

Using anything newer than beta would be risky, as a lot of regressions shake out in Chrome’s Dev branch.


V8 7.1 is now in production, and Intl.RelativeTimeFormat works. :slight_smile: