Timed Out Validation (Error) xn--l-5ga.st reported as potential risk: virus_total

On my domain lø.st, I get the above error message for the universal certificate. See screenshot below.

There are no relevant hits for this error online or in the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center.

For now, I have had to disable https on the webpage.

Hence, any help will be highly appreciated.

Screenshot with the complete error message:


This issue is still unresolved

@Cyb3r-Jak3 Hey Cyb3r-Jok3

Thank you so much for reaching out on Discord. This is my ticket on the subject. So relieved that this is getting looked at.


I have escalated this.

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Hi @hf1985

I have created a ticket for our Trust & Safety team to take a look at it.

You should also have recived the email/ticket as well.

Best regards

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Hello @louise2

Thank you so much!

Looking forward to hearing news.


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