Timed out every 3 minutes in 10 hours

So basically my connections to hypixel and discord was fine, but after some minutes it started to time out and usually takes around 1 minute, after 1 minute my minecraft is disconnected for “Timed out”.

The current information I know is:

  1. I am from Taiwan
  2. Not only me having the issue, my friends in discord server group also have the same issue, they’re also from Taiwan.
  3. It happened to us for over 10 hours, from yesterday’s 8PM to rn (1:49 PM), whole 17~18 hours I’m getting disconnected. Even I woke up it still happens too.
  4. Discordstatus, Cloudflare status and hypixel status, 3 websites didn’t have issues that have to fix.
  5. It also happened to other Cloudflare services that I used for vote or something, verifying you’re not bot, check if not bot when entering a website that protected by Cloudflare.
  6. I got 500 error while connecting to community, dashboard of Cloudflare.

The question I am asking:

  1. Will Cloudflare developer will check into the issue?
  2. Does anyone have same issue, not matter from anywhere?
    Thats it, thanks!

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