Time to upgrade to PHP 7.2

A gentle reminder that we are only 2.5 months away from when support for PHP 5.6 will end.

Taking this date into account, it is probably sad that close to 80% of all PHP sites are still on PHP 5.6 and older (with 7.x having been around for three years).


So a) please, please upgrade to 7 if you havent yet. Nobody (including you) wants yet another compromised machine.
And b) with 7.3 being around the corner please, please upgrade to 7.2 or at least 7.1 and not 7.0. The latter will be out of support even a month earlier than 5.6.

c) If you dont have control over your PHP installation bug your host until he finally upgrades his systems or - if not - switch hosts.

d) Yes, some OS vendors will still issue security fixes if one of their still-supported versions came with PHP 5 but that has an expiration date too.

e) Dont forget to upgrade :wink:


+1 totally agree. PHP 7.x is 2x times faster than PHP 5.6 so just that alone is worth upgrading for :slight_smile: A faster origin server means faster Cloudflare to origin communication. Which equates to a faster site too :sunglasses:

I did some quick benchmarks for PHP 7.2 vs 7.1 vs 7.0 vs 5.6 way back when I was tracking PHP 7.2 alpha/beta performance for my Centmin Mod LEMP stack’s PHP-FPM builds at https://community.centminmod.com/threads/php-7-2-0-ga-stable-vs-php-7-1-12-vs-7-0-26-vs-5-6-32-benchmarks.13590/#post-57672


7.3 is available and 7.0 is out of support with version 5 following in three weeks. So for whomever hasnt done it yet, it is time to welcome 7.2 at least ( better yet 7.3).

Performance comparison of 7.3: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=PHP-7.3-Performance-Benchmarks

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Yup PHP 7.3 is out now speedy my benchmarks https://community.centminmod.com/threads/php-7-3-vs-7-2-vs-7-1-vs-7-0-php-fpm-benchmarks.16090/

including wordpress 5.0 benchmarks

FYI, PGO = Profile Guided Optimizations which can train PHP to execute more optimal code paths for specific web apps i.e. Wordpress performance.

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You should show a benchmark to the other popular 5.x versions :laughing:

For me it is mostly the security and support status, people are still on 5ish versions.

All right, happy 2019 and PHP 5 is eventually completely out of support, together with 7.0.
If you can upgrade to 7.3, otherwise please choose at least 7.2.

I hereby conclude my upgrade plea and really hope that register globals is rather only an anecdote at this point :slight_smile:

Cloudflare WP plugin is not compatible with PHP 7.2 or above, we do not have any ETA when a new version will be made available to support PHP 7.2 but will post back when we do.


Is it not? Which would the incompatibilities be?

Last time I checked there were certain calls which were deprecated, however they were hidden behind PHP-esque #ifdefs and shouldnt be an issue in this way and there were compatible alternatives. I didnt check the entire codebase to be honest.

If it really is not compatible though, Cloudflare ought to step up their game :smile:

Anybody running 7.2 or 7.3 with the plugin and can confirm incompatibilities?


I’ll need to look through the archive and find details, will do and add back.


eek… definitely a must to have PHP 7.2 and 7.3 compatibility :wink:

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I’ve only seen tickets reporting header errors with 7.2 and 7.3…am going through tickets and internal issues to see if anything else is documented.

Thanks @cloonan, could you possibly mean the same as 3.2.2 plugin getting errors on php7.3, regarding Hooks.php?

That particular one didnt appear to be specific to 7.2+ but more like a general bug, if I understood it correctly, and it already seems to have a fix at https://github.com/Cloudflare/Cloudflare-WordPress/pull/227 - not merged yet though.

@sandro, 7.2 support will be in 3.3.3 which I understand is available now. The root cause was the wrong variable being used in a count check.


It see it at WordPress now. But it’s only been tested up to WP 4.9.9?

Yes, close as I can tell. Looking at internal tickets that were rolled into see if i can find other details.


Thanks for the clarification. You mean the issue in Hooks.php, right? I’d dare to say then it was not incompatible but that was simply an innocent bug :slight_smile:

i am currently running php 7.3 on iis but i cannot seem too get the php 7.2 win cache dll 2 work with 7.3,
it is time for me to downgrade haha

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I am currently running php 7.3 and I check for updates ever so often :D.

@cloonan any ideas on PHP 7.3 support in Cloudflare Wordpress Plugin