Time to update

Hello, sorry for my newbie question but as far as I understood, using cdn will replicate my main website to several cloudfare clone servers.

If I update the main website located in Europe, how long will it take to have USA Cloudfare servers updated with the same version?


It’s not really cloning your site. The default settings will cache static content for a short period of time (a few hours to a few days, depending on traffic).

By default, it does not cache dynamic content, such as .html or page source.

You could manually configure Cloudflare to cache dynamic content, and then it’s up to you how long to set that cache duration. Or manually purge the cache is you want a refresh.

thanks for your answer. I have a EU server based in Portugal, with several wordpress sites and sub sites and want my US costumers to to able to get a fast access to them.

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