Time to remove domain from cloudflare


I deleted a domain from one account, and need to add it on a new account, but the old records stays on to cloudflare dns-servers, so I can’t add record on the new account.

How long does it take for the domain to be removed form the dns-servers, so I can re-add the domain on the new account?

PS: I’ve moved the domain to another dns-service, so cloudflare doesn’t answer on global dns requests any more.


Can you share the name of the domain and a screenshot of the error you are receiving?

oz1lln.dk and wfz.dk plus one more containing private info of a client, so I can’t revealt that one here in to public.

Everything work as expected on the website, but the records I add did not show up on the dns-server.

I’ve removed all there domains from cloudflare, but the dns-servers are still responding. When querying from some serveres the new dns-server (linode) are responding.

They has been located on darwin.ns.cloudflare.com and gwen.ns.cloudflare.com

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