Time to release a 3rd DNS ip is pretty good to remember but It’s pretty bad just beacuse it’s on …
I’m from India. works OK. But on 80% ISP I’ve seen ,the ISP is using this internally…
And compared to is a bit slower in executing cached dns requests.

Cloudflare team,
please release a 3rd IP with same performance like to solve the compatibility and internal/local ip issue.
My ISP don’t respond to my request of removing the local route. ;(
Switching to other DNS till then. :frowning:

But I’d say thats a problem of the ISP. If you can, switch to another ISP which is more customer-oriented.

I agree but most of the ISPs here use as internal route to their several services. And some CPE/End point routers also runs on the same range in some cases.
This is not just my country. I think this issue exists more or less everywhere , and releasing a non-conflicting dns ip is more practical than reaching out to those stupid ISPs and device manufacturers for the fix.

I understand the issue, my personal view, though, is Cloudflare should take a firm stand here. This IP is not private (anymore) and all these ISPs are basically hijacking someone’s address space. If Cloudflare caves in, this will be just supporting such actions further.

Maybe people should simply reach out with a service cancellation form :wink: