Time to ditch cloudflare

Obviously you’ve seen these guys have been nothing but unprofessional with the censoring of several sites like 8chan and your site could be next. Cloudflare don’t care about it’s customers/clients safety they’re only looking out for themselves. Also, the CEO of this website is a massive egotistical control freak so that’s something that leaves an impression on how this site works.

I’m ditching Cloudflare today to find a new service that cares about my privacy if you don’t want to be censored leave this company they don’t have anyone’s safety/privacy in their best interests…

I know Cloudflare mods are gonna lock this but hey, i tried.

I, for one, am not going to lock anything, as I believe this is a legitimate concern and I found that decision questionable as well, however that could be also said in a different tone without personal attacks.

That being said, I can still imagine that the thread will get locked eventually, however I’d rather attribute this to the way you phrased your posting. What you wrote could also be stated in a slightly less aggressive and more civilised fashion.

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Thank you for the post @colbydarkbonez, contact support if you have any issues removing your account, they can assist if any questions.

Only ones that have been removed from CF without direct TOS violations are The Daily Stormer (said Cloudflare supported them - they didn’t) and 8chan as we well know.

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