Time out at Hop7 in trying to reach website?

Hi all, I have an issue in trying to reach a real-time game site Warthunder. This issue began about 2 months ago. When I get into the game and the game loads to play, it takes quite a long time to enter realtime play which puts me at a deep disadvantage. I came to Cloudflare because it was recommended that I try a different DNS service. I changed DNS in IPV 4 only. Prior to coming here, I found that a time out occurred at Hop 6 and 7. NOW, just Hop 7. The game server is located in Russia. Their support and quick and helpful telling me it was an ISP issue and to contact them. Centurylink is who I get my service from through fiberoptic into my neighborhood. Can anyone please give me direction? Do I need to change IPV6? Do I need to change or designate ISP addresses in my system? All issues within my system have been checked and verified as not being an issue (modem, router, background programs stopped, etc.
Thanks, Mike

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