Time limited video rentals

I have a site where a video can be bought to own or to rent (48 hour rental from first pressing play).

Can anyone point me at an example of how to limit the access token for a stream to a set period after pressing play rather than video load/token issuance?


This is a good idea and we will consider building official support for it. Meanwhile, what you can do is show your own play button and only create the token when the user tries to play the video for the very first time. When the user presses your custom play button, you would call your backend to generate the token and soon as the token is returned, you’d load the player with the token. Let me know if this would work for you.

Thanks @zaid - that makes perfect sense. I had understood there was an option for this already but thanks for confirming it’s not currently built in. Will do it all in my php code.

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