Time.cloudflare.com very unreliable

Requests to Cloudflare’s time service at time.cloudflare.com have been mostly failing for months. About 1 out of 10 requests results in a successful response.

Tested with multiple simple time clients, including the one built into Windows.

Using the same software and settings with the server time.google.com are nearly 100% successful. Below is a piece of a log file.

Would love someone at Cloudflare to care about this :slight_smile:


6/1/2022 10:25:03 AM time.cloudflare.com resolved to
6/1/2022 10:25:13 AM time.cloudflare.com: Failed

6/1/2022 10:25:13 AM time.google.com resolved to
6/1/2022 10:25:13 AM NTP Response from:
6/1/2022 10:25:13 AM NTP Response Stratum: 1
6/1/2022 10:25:13 AM NTP Response Reference ID: GOOG
6/1/2022 10:25:13 AM time.google.com: Good -10ms (92ms)

I’m sure there is somebody out there graphing the output of that service, but I cannot find one.

I’ve emailed somebody in CF to get attention on this thread.

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It works fine for me, could it be your ISP messing with NTP traffic? Have you tried from other networks?

Thanks Michael.

Soldier, that would be possible but I get zero errors using time.google.com with all else equal.

That is interesting though. I’ll try using a different network connection and see if any difference.


So interesting outcome: I feel a little guilty for even creating this post before fully investigating myself.

Using an ISP different from my Verizon Wireless “hotspot” showed time.cloudflare.com working perfectly!

What threw me was that time-checks to time.google.com DO pass Verizon just fine - they must’ve manually carved that out as an exception in their firewall or whatever.

One note:

Verizon resolves time.cloudflare.com to
The alternate ISP resolved it to

Even when I manually forced the check to over Verizon it failed.

It may also be a misconfiguration at Verizon, because one out of every 10 or so time-checks to Cloudflare still works! Either they want to block them and aren’t perfect at it, or they’re not trying to block them at all and a misconfiguration is mucking up the works.

Thanks for your input! /jim

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