TikTok Browser raising "keep calm and browse normally"

Hi I have a website [lesbijouxdeselene.fr](https://lesbijouxdeselene.fr) built with odoo. The domain is secured with cloudflare.
The site is working ok on every browser.
I created a tiktok account recently (professional one) and I setupt the link to my website on this account.
The problem is that when I (or anyone) click on the link, tiktok doesn’t open the site but a white page with a message “keep calm and browse normally”.
I tried with dfferent sites and it’s the only one which encountered this error. I contacted Odd support but this is not an odoo problem (I’ve tested with an other odoo website (same version as I’m using) and it works ok.
This is not a tiktok problem according to their support.

The only thing that I can imagine is that there is somewhere a parameter in cloudflare which is not correct and cause this… If anyone has an idea that could be great to help me.

Complements : the encryption mode in cloudflare for the domain [lesbijouxdeselene.fr](https://lesbijouxdeselene.fr) is set to flexible.
If you want to see the problem you can follow this :
In tiktok, go on the profile @lesbijouxdeselene1 and in description click on the link to the website…
you will see the blankpage with the message. On the upperleft, using the “…” you can browse to the website using another browser.

Thanks in advance.

That is the first issue. That’s an outdated, legacy mode which one should never use. Make sure to set this to Full Strict and verify you have a valid certificate on your server.

Thanks for this info. I changed it but even with full strict, the problem is the same.
Any idea on what I could try ?

All right, so it’s currently on Full Strict? I am asking because this is typically why sites stop working.

yes it is now for 5 minutes

Do you have a link where this can be verified? This probably won’t be a Cloudflare issue but some security check by that site.

As I mentionned in the frst message :slight_smile: on tiktok, you can go on the profile @lesbijouxdeselene1 and in description click on the link to the website…

you will then have a blank page with the small message written in the top of the page “keep calm and browse normally”…

You need to post a link, I can’t go searching for some URLs.

On PC, you can use this https://www.tiktok.com/@lesbijouxdeselene1
The message is not the same on pc it will ask you to leave tiktok in order to open the site instead of opening it directly in tiktok.
On a mobile phone : the app tiktok and @lesbijouxdeselene1
Thanks a lot for your help.

Right, on the website it loads an intermediate page but then actually loads your site. If it does not work on the application, this may be an issue with the application, as the message you mentioned is not a Cloudflare message. Have you already contacted support of the application to clarify that?

of courser and tiktok answer is that this message doesn’t come from them :frowning:

Can you post a screenshot?

That seems as if it was a message from the application. It could be an HTML page but as it does not say where that got loaded from, it’s not possible to say if that is the application or not.

This definitely is not a Cloudflare message, so it might actually be your site. Maybe contact your web developer and clarify if the request gets sent to your web server and if your site could send that. I am afraid Cloudflare won’t be involved here.

I just posted the screeshot but it is awaiting approval. I think that this message (on mobile) is “the corresponding one” that we see on PC saying that we are going to access an external site and we must leave tiktok.

But this doesn’t happen on other site that I’ve tested (odoo site or some other).

The screenshot was posted and I already addressed it.

I already asked the people from Odoo and they do not know where this message comes from…
So if it doesnt come from tiktok, cloudflare, or odoo, it remains only the web host (gandi) but I do not see where it could be involved in this as the DNS and SSL comes from cloudflare and the page are pure standard saas odoo solution. The webhost just host the domain name…

I do not know what I can do…

I would start with the log files and verify if the request even shows up there. If it does, you know it’s your site. Theoretically it could also be something that your site sent at one point at that is still cached on Cloudflare. So you could try to clear your Cloudflare cache.

As the message itself is not from Cloudflare, it would be somewhat off-topic for here I am afraid. Maybe try Reddit to StackExchange.

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