Ticket response time on feedback?

Hello all,

I have opened a ticket 3 days ago without a response so far. I am on a business plan and I believe there is a faster response time for business plan tickets?

My ticket is #3032610.

The issue is a little time sensitive as it involves moving items from one Cloudflare account to another Cloudflare account which I cannot complete until the ticket has been looked at.

It requires Cloudflare team intervention regarding the bulk redirect list size so posting the issue to the forums here won’t help.

What’s the usual response time for folks on a business plan?


No idea why I said “on feedback” in the title. I meant “on business plan” :man_facepalming:

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SLOs are listed here:


Your mileage will most likely vary.

Many users here have posted various Bulk Redirect issues, and this may have come up before. What type of intervention do you need? Support can’t change settings in your account…only advise.

Bulk Redirect limits are listed here:


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