Ticket not replied to

I have submitted the ticket 1763822 on the 8th October and I still haven’t had a reply, could a member of staff pick this up and take a look please?

No, it still has the status of “open”

Ticket is still open and the reply from Support was they don’t recognize your email address and they can only work with the account holder directly. You may want to look at the archive of a different email account to see if you can find details on the login, but support won’t be able to assist unless the email matches to the account.


The problem is the hacker has got into my account and changed the email address so I am unable to access that account or reset the password. I also have 2 domains under that account.

I am more than happy to verify my identity by some other means so how would you like me to proceed?

It is welcoming to receive some correspondence rather than radio silence!

Understood & sorry for the difficulty. You can ask the engineer about identity verification, typically the easiest solution is to move the domain to a new account and then have your registrar change the name servers to those new name servers. (Ticket - 1763822)

But, I’d do the same for the other domain as well. If the account has been compromised, you’ll want to move both to an account you know is secure. After that, set up 2fa on the new account and change passwords.

Cloudflare is the registrar for the domains previously mentioned.

It would be nice to receive an official reply to the ticket so we can get this matter resolved

So I finally got a reply saying that this would be escalated to the Trust and Safety Team and while a new ticket (#3427107) was created on the 18th October, there’s no reply on that either.

Does anyone work in the Trust and Safety team? this is extremely poor customer service.

Anyone there?

Hi @benatherton,

I am afraid you will have to wait from a response from them if this is escalated to Trust & Safety. There is nothing the community can to to speed up this process.

Multiple tickets just slow down the process for you and others.

+1 and correct, I am unable to see escalations, we’ll need Trust & Safety to assist.

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