Ticket #2047616: Old Developer Attached His Cloudflare Account to my Website

Hi all, there are some similar questions I’ve seen, but none specific to siteground. My current nameservers are pointed to ns.siteground

I have an account on Cloudflare, as does the old dev. We have migrated the site from the old server on Hostinger to Siteground. I have told him to delete the Cloudflare records of my old sites from his Cloudflare account, so I can put mine on.

But, he has pointed his Cloudflare account to my domain. I’ve tried to activate Cloudflare from my siteground access, but it shows an error saying

“There is another instance of Cloudflare on this website”.

The obvious solution here is to ask the old developer to delete the Cloudflare records for my website from his Cloudflare, but all he’s been doing is reading the messages and not replying. Hence, I’m pretty frustrated.

I control both DNS since I own both domains, but it’s currently pointed towards ns.siteground nameservers, nothing much to do with Cloudflare.

I am not sure how to go about solving this, being deflected to post here via a response from Cloudflare Technical support engineers.

Can you post the ticket # for this?

The only workaround I can think of would be to add your domain to your Cloudflare account and then point your name servers to the one Cloudflare assigns to you. Then you can point your Cloudflare DNS to the SiteGround IP address. At some point (a few weeks or less), it should drop off his account).

It’s not a great solution if you really want to use SiteGround DNS (not my preference, regardless of host).

Otherwise, you’ll have to work this out with Cloudflare Support. With a ticket #, someone else here can take a look at your case.

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve put in the ticket number on the title (not sure if that’s the best way to do it, but here goes nothing).

I’ll also put it here just for good measure - I’m Ticket #2047616

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Sorry for the issues, @khepridigital, in this case, the suggestion from @sdayman is the correct solution. Cloudflare Support can only work with the owner of the domain via the email address that owns the zone. If you own the zone(s), you need to contact your registrar and change the name servers to the two assigned to your account.

If you are not the Cloudflare account owner at this time but you can re-establish communication and cooperation with your vendor, you can have the account owner add you to the account of this zone via our Shared Access feature. Once completed, then please Support us so we can verify that you have been granted access. Once verified we can proceed with assisting you on this matter. Otherwise, Support cannot work with you.

How do I add additional users to my Cloudflare account?

If you have lost total access to the original email address, which seems like the case here, we recommend one of the following:

  • Try to identify the lost email address using account recovery link (It would be even better if you are able to re-establish communication with the vendor you hired to do your work): Forgot Email

I think this next item will be the only option if your vendor is not responsive to you.

I think the problem is that the “Move domain between accounts” doesn’t work if you’re trying to move it to SiteGround’s Cloudflare integration. Cloudflare won’t release the domain in this situation.

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Yea, I suspect it’d need a move to a cloudflare account and then a move back to siteground once the zone is purged from the system. (And once you can demonstrate ownership of the domain by changing name servers, you can ask Support to see if they can accelerate the purge process.) What is/are the domains in question, @khepridigital?

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Not too comfortable with sharing both (unless it’s really necessary), so I’ll put one down here.


Yeah so I’d have to point it to my Cloudflare server manually (i.e. designated by Cloudflare) then let Cloudflare automatically purge the records from my old dev’s account, I assume.

It is as @sdayman mentioned, I cannot move domains between accounts, so it’s something I strongly need Cloudflare support’s help with.

Thank you, @khepridigital, I redacted the domain name.

Unless you can get your vendor to cooperate, the suggestion above is the only route.

The domain is in the account of your vendor, that’s the only contact Support will work with.

You’ll need to add it to your account and change the name servers. At that point, you can update your ticket indicating you’ve moved the zone and see if they can reduce the few weeks.

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