Thunderbird not sending or receiving emails after setting up Cloudflare

My website works well after integrating Cloudflare 2 days ago. The Roundcube email system on my GoDaddy server continues to work (both sending and receiving) and the Contact-7 plugin form the “Contact” page of my website continues to send emails successfully.

The Mozilla Thunderbird email facility on my computer, however, no longer connects to the server, so it doesn’t send or receive emails. I have looked through the Cloudflare Community posts on this topic, as well as watched the Cloudflare Community Tutorial on Email Troubleshooting. My Cloudflare DNS settings are set according to best practices (see image below).

I have also attached images of the Thunderbird server settings and SMTP server.


Seems you’re trying to connect to the Apex. Use this should work.

Cloudflare does not proxy email traffic, so it’s mandatory to use an unproxied record.