Thousands of visits from an unusual country with unknown Operating System. Are they stealing my content?


During the last days, I received thousands of visits from an unusual country. My website if focused on a region, and there is no sense that visitors from such country are interested on the information I provide.

Additionally, 99% of the visits are with “unknown” Operating system and “unknown” browser.

I suspect that someone is trying to steal my contents. How can I make CloudFlare to block it? Thank you.

I’d suggest to use the search as that topic has been covered more than once. Search for firewall rules and how to block countries.

Thank you, Sandro.

I activated the Firewall Rule for the country, and found that I’m receiving hundreds of visits from the following ASN of Singapore:


Should I worry about this visits? I’m not sure if such visits are real humans or bots.

If it is just a single ASN, you can also block or challenge that only.

If you are not sure whether there are real visitors among them, you could start with a JavaScript challenge.

Thank you, Sandro. I started to challenge such visitors with JS.

Edit: I stopped challenging them. I found that it is Aspiegel Petalbot

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