Though Universal SSL is active it is not showing the HTTPS connection


I have changed all the nameservers to cloudfare and it shows Universal SSL certificate is active now. But also my website is not showing the HTTPS connection. I have given full HTTPS option, Flex option also. Domain is

When uses http the website shows content but with https it doesn't

Seems to be working just fine



I tried clearing cache and all in the browser but also its showing. Are you sure about it. And also thank you for responding. Is the basic WordPress displaying there. Can u send the snapshot


I can confirm:



Do you think I made the screenshot up? :wink:

Can you post a screenshot of where HTTPS is not showing?

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Is it showing the basic WordPress content. Can you send me screenshot



There you go, huge screenshot!

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That seem like a cached DNS entry.

What does this return?


How to clear it?


We first need to establish that it actually is that issue. Hence these commands.

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I have installed the WordPress but it is not showing over the site. Can u help me out


What is the output of these commands?


Where should i try ir


In the command line.


In cpanel?


On your computer.


I am not able to get it. Can u send me the screenshots of the steps for that i can follow it. I am sorry. I am not so perfect in these


Hoping for reply


What operating system is your computer running?