This zone is either not part of your account (Code: 1010)

Ok when I try to make a certificate for my origin server ( it says:

Failed to validate requested hostname This zone is either not part of your account, or you do not have access to it. Please contact support if using a multi-user organization. (Code: 1010)

So it doesn’t matter which website I use it for (my website is the second link) it returns that 1010 error.

I have 1 other person that can access my account, with 2 invites pending

So should I contact support? Or what?

So is the website that you own and added to Cloudflare? No right?

Cloudflare won’t allow you to generate an origin certificates for the domains that you do not own.

Oh, well what about the second link? I made that website why is it returning the error?

Did you mean this?

It’s still under tho.

Sorry, wrong link, the link is

Still the same. Although you have your own subdomain for your website doesn’t mean that you own

Ah, that’s why it’s returning the error!

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