This zone is banned and no one replies to support ticket to add domain to cloudflare


I am trying to add a domain and not able to do so because of this error:

This zone is banned and cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time, please contact Cloudflare Support

I created a support ticket which was not easy as cloudflare doesn’t give option to create ticket for domain which is not on cloudflare. It asks for the domain for which you’re the creating the ticket for.

So I created the ticket using another domain and explained the issue of the domain I want to add. Now it has been more than a week and no one has replied to the ticket.

My request ID is 1769121 and I need to move the domain to cloudflare to renew it and it’s super urgent.

The community cant do anything in this regard. You need to wait until support gets back to you. If it is urgent, my personal advice would be to renew with the current registrar.

I am assuming that cloudflare support might be seeing the issues being faced by users. No?

For that you need a support ticket.

Check at if your ticket is still open and if not reply to it, to re-open it.

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