This zone is banned and cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time, please contact Cloudflare Support. (Code: 1097) Seriously?

My website [redacted] is banned for no reasons at all.
I contacted the support and he says
(Cloudflare Trust & Safety)

Oct 26, 10:26 AM PDT


Cloudflare banned your domain due to distribution of potentially harmful files found on your site. The ban will remain in place.

Me: The website has no harmful files.

Cloudflare Trust & Safety

Oct 26, 4:22 PM PDT


We have reviewed the issue and the ban will remain in place.

What a joke, I paid hostinger for life time Cloudflare and got banned for no reasons at all, I don’t even have any harmful files and the support cannot even tell me where is the harmful file. Just deleted my Cloudflare protection, now my site is constantly DDOSed. Can’t I just be told which file do I need to remove?

This is a community forum, so there’s just not much we can do here. Especially once Trust & Safety has made a decision.

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You’ll have to check back with Trust & Safety.

Probably not, but this is a community forum so we aren’t affiliated with CF and can’t look at or take action on your account.

Yea, I replied. I hope the[y] can unban my website now, it is sad that they can’t tell what is the exact reason tho.

Here’s my reply:
Hi now my site is unflagged by google, can my domain be unbanned,

Updates the Trust and Safety team has banned me forever and even threatened to see law enforcement if I charge back.

Like seriously, I have done nothing.

From quick Google search what I find is that your site is Roblox related and your user name here is “roblox exploit er”. You were flagged by Google, you were flagged by Cloudflare and AFAIK it’s really hard to get flagged by Cloudflare since they are huge advocates of open internet and even torrent sites are protected by them.

99% of Roblox user base are kids under 12 years of age (my kid is one of them)… My guess is that you or some users on your website were distributing infected “hacks” and “cheats” for game which is mostly used by children. I don’t know it was personally you or not but it’s illegal as ■■■■ and you as owner are responsible for every spyware and malware distributed from that site.

I’m glad they make this decision and I don’t believe you don’t had any idea about all this.


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