This web property is not accessible via this address

Hi, my site encounters this error when I log in and I also installed the Privacy Pass plugin and again the problem was not solved. Please help

my website : my website

Hello there - that is unusual. Can you capture a HAR file while replicating this issue? Do it in a private browsing window:

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I’m guessing there is an issue with the .ir domain and hCaptcha? Maybe @hCaptchaSupport can help. if you’d like to email [email protected] we’d be happy to collect a bit more info and take a look.

Please also try and let us know if that’s working as expected. We’re not aware of any general issue in Iran, and a quick check from a .ir proxy works as expected, so will need a bit more detail.

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My thinking was not from an Iranian address, but to an Iranian domain. Some companies will not service certain TLDs which are associated with countries like Cuba, North Korea, Syria and Iran (probably others) where US sanctions apply.

I tried another domain ( But still had the same problem

Try in a private window with no extensions and see if it works. If it does then you have an extension which is causing problems.

What do you mean? I do not understand what you mean

I just spotted something strange. The body of the error message says Please complete the security check to access, but the domains you are giving are different. Are you doing something funny that would explain that?


Hi, this is a type of script that is written in PHP language and displays the subscene site in Iran. The subscene site is banned in Iran and with this script we will break the ban.

See this for example
See the source code written in this type of script here

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