This web property is not accessible via this address - CNAME Subdomain

Hi all!
Kind of a mystery:
I have added a CNAME to my DNS. It’s pointing to a translation service I use:

I’m getting this message:
This web property is not accessible via this address.
Ray ID: 7cbd00d40995025f
Performance & security by Cloudflare.

I have some custom firewall rules, so to test it if that’s the problem, I have turned off the orange cloud for both my main site and the new CNAME, but still getting this block.

I had a developer looking at it, he said he don’t know the source of it.

Any idea what could it be?

The error makes it very clear that the target doesn’t know about the name
But without knowing exactly how the translation service works, I cannot really tell you how to fix it.

What you probably need to do is configure as an alias for to make the webserver serve anything at all.

After that, you might need your developer to fix some cross-origin problems as your site uses static links.

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