This video has beend restricted. Issue using KV

I have a worker which I am using for fetching the streaming chunks and then storing in KV and then delivering the chunks from KV to next users. But cloudlfare has redirected the stream to an error message displaying “This video has been restricted . Streaming video from Cloudflare’s basic service is a violation of the Terms of Service. Please visit to learn more.”

By the way this is happening both with cache and KV. I tried both but Cloudflare returns my chunks request with 302 status.

Can somebody explain whats happening here?

Visit the URL provided in the message?

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I did. but understood nothing

do I need to subscribe to some package. currently I am using paid worker and KV

Are you using just KV or also using the cache API?

No, I’m not using cache API. But I’m using KV and its won cache(like:
var val = await KV.get(fetch_url, { type: “stream”, cacheTtl: 60 });