This site cant provide a secure connection

hi there.
i have connected my website to cloudflare. unfortunately i got that error:

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

how can i fix that? is a problem with ssl installed to my website from before.
i have a free auto renew let’s encrypt certificate.
by turning of website cloud error disappears.
so i did this so you can check my website and help me.
my website to check:

It does not look like Cloudflare have a certificate for your domain (check all known certs here:, and I would expect that does not show an active certificate. If you go :orange: visitors will get errors.

There are issues with the .ir domain getting certificates from any US based CA. If you have a Business plan or above you could try and add a custom certificate (just use the API to upload your LE cert), but somebody else here may have more definitive information.

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