This site can't be reached


I’m using a wordpress website. The domain name has been in Bluehost. I recently moved my domain name to cloudflare doing exactly as it was meant to do. I’m using cloudflare so I could connect a subdomain to clickfunnels in order to keep people’s paying information safe. After I transferred the domain to cloudflare, my website now says “my server’s dns cannot be found. EER_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED.” So, I deleted the website on cloudflare and restored it back to bluehost. I was still getting the same result. I tried redoing it again on cloudflare and no luck. So now, I can’t get to my website.

What do I do? I have no idea.


At the moment your origin server is redirecting to but you have a page rule set up to do the opposite. That’s resulting in a too many redirects loop.

So I’d recommend disabling one or the other.


Thank you so much!


Recently i have started the cloudflare, when i started into the cloudflare , domain settings are completed and DNS settings also confirmed and successfully showing status active in cloudflare. But my website is not reachable since 3* days. Please let me know whats the problem with my website.


Your site is working fine for me! :satellite:

Do you have ‘Always use HTTPS’ enabled on the Crypto tab of the Cloudflare dashboard? HTTPS works but your naked domain is not redirecting to it…


Thanks for the quick reply.
I have not enabled Always use https,
But i have find the solution on 000Webhost, I have to add extra CNAME with the domain name.
Now its working fine.
Thank you!