This site can't be reached?

This is a new one for me although I’ve read threw a few topics on the issue I havn’t found any real fix, The error that shows when trying to go to the https version is “this site can’t be reached” I have done all steps I usually do but I got this error with this site its the first site I’m trying the free ssl on with register365 hosting company is it possible they are blocking it ?

This site can’t be reached refused to connect.



Port 443 is closed or restricted.

The page is also not served through Cloudflare.

Pardon: I used .com instead of ie.

Nevertheless this is not an error page that is served by Cloudflare. Even if Cloudflare is active. Do you have any local firewall? For me it’s working.

No local firewalls is it possible that the hosting/domain company does not allow connection from Cloudflare ? It possible that their security/firewall is blocking this?

As I said never really had this error before with others just seems to have popped up with this site thats on register365

Is i said: it’s working for me. :thinking:


If theres somtehing wrong with Cloudflare you will get a branded error page from Cloudflare.
The screenshot you posted is a message from your browser directly.

Please check the following:

Open the command line (on Windows 'Win-Key+R" -> enter cmd -> ok
and run the follwing command:


Apart from some timeouts (site seems relatively slow) the site is generally reachable

Its not working for me on that

Using the plugin “real simple ssl” the debug error it give’s is

  • Mixed content fixer
    SERVER: apache
    SSL is not yet enabled for this site
    ** Detecting configuration **
    plugin version: 3.0.5
    Check SSL by retrieving SSL certificate info

There are some timeout, but the site is reachable

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