This site Cant be reached

hello every body 3 hrs back i changed my servers stilly my domain showing this site cant reached

Is free cloudfare sever works Good
Did we Get Any Connection errors some time

What’s the domain? 1000+ visitors visited at a time sites is crashed I thought it’s DDos attack Thats Why I Changed servers To Cloudfare Did Cloud Free Severs Will work Good?
How we should increase Visitors limit when 1000+ members visits at a time

Cloudflare isn’t a website host unless you’re using Workers, which requires some hand-coding and is generally for static sites.

That sounds like a Dynamic site, and that needs reliable hosting. Cloudflare can offload static files, like a CDN service, but your server still needs to process data for 1000+ visitors at a time.

Which hosting is best can you please tell me
Is any ddos software available? To protect my domain
I am using Namecheap I think in Namecheap
cdn is not available
Is Sharehostiing is Good for 1000+ visits at a time

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