This site can't be reached with specific country

Hello Folks
I have a very strange issue and I hope to find anyone who can help with it!!
I created a subdomain
and all the subdomains working very well
The issue in KSA Country some clients there, some ISP lines show this error from the browser when accessing the subdomain


despite this works in all countries very very well
So Is there any option by default to block or some distractions in the SSL? I meant by default because I didn’t do anything in the default configuration in the Cloudflare account

Hi @abdelhakim.abousrea,

You can ask the affected users to run a trace route to your domain/subdomain.
Compare them with users who have a good connection to your site, it would also help to get the trace route from your affected users with 2 different ISP providers to rule out client side issues.

If this is indeed an ISP issue, please reach out to the affected ISPs for corrective action.

Thank you.

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