This site can't be reached, too long to respond

I haven’t been able to my site , keep getting a error message saying " This site can’t be reached"

There is no resolution record for this domain name

Resolution record ?? Dont really understand

DNS record

So how do I fix this ??

Add domain name resolution

Explain that please

Open cloudflare’s dns configuration and add domain name resolution records.

I am understanding all of this but it looks like all dns records are there

Can you post a screenshot of your DNS settings? Blurr the IPs If you like.

nslookup                       Server:

** server can't find NXDOMAIN

It seems that other users also have DNS resolution failure. Is there something wrong with the system

None of those show a record for “go”.

your right …hhmmmm

in comparing to my other site it is actually a cname go and get for clickmagik , would that make sense

You can certainly give that a try. It can’t be any worse than what it’s doing now. :wink:

in process i’ll let you know, thank you

FREAKING GENIUS, Thank you so much that was the issue

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