This site can't be reached [only from my country/some area]

Hello there!
I cannot access my website [] or its admin from 3 days, however, if I use a VPN, it works fine from any corner of the world except Bangladesh.
What to do?
I tested it in Cloudflare Diagnostic Center and found one error:


The hostname has no DS records.


P.S. Sure you can visit it if you are out of Bangladesh, and some inside Bangladesh are also able to surf it, but the majority of traffic is not able to visit the website.

Post the domain name so we can help.

Extremely sorry! Editing the main post too.
the Domain is
One thing here. You can access it, I am pretty sure. And also, some people in my country are also able to access it except the vast majority, including me, the owner.

It looks like a DNSSEC problem. Do you have DNSSEC enabled in the DNS tab here? How about at your domain registrar?

For now, if you see DNSSEC enabled anywhere, disable it and let it sit for a day or two, then make sure everything works, then enable it again.

In the DNS tab, I do not see any entries like that.
However, I am attaching the screenshot of my DNS records at Cloudflare.
And also, at my domain registrar, I have just shifted the registrar and at my previous registrar I had enabled DNSSEC seeing it at Cloudflare. Then Disabled it and deleted the ds records. Looks like it wasn’t deleted as the online tools show.
What to do now? Can my new registrar delete ds records for DNSSEC for my domain? I heard it can be done by requesting to the main root registrar/something [PublicDomainRegistrar]

IP has been blurred, I assure you that it is the right IP to point my domain to.


Please let me know if the DNS tab here in cloudflare is all right or not.

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