"This site can't be reached" intermittent DNS error

I have been having an intermittent issue with my business website. Sometimes people are unable to visit my website when connected through WIFI as it gives them a “This site can’t be reached” and “server IP address could not be found.” However, my website is up and some others are able to view it without issue. The only workaround that I have found is to tell the people that can’t view it while connected to WIFI is to have them use their mobile phone to view the website when connected to the mobile network only (i.e. 5G, LTE, etc). Another workaround is to manually have them go into their DNS server settings and have them change it to a different DNS such as Google

Obviously, having this issue with my business website is a big problem. Can anyone help? Thanks!

In addition to my main question, Google Chrome lists “Err_Name_Not_Resolved” as the reason the that people get the “site can’t be reached” error when connected to WIFI.

That seems like a DNS issue on your Wi-Fi network. I would check the current DNS server is to see why your domain isn’t being resolved.

The weird thing is, is that this is occurring with random people all around the country. Not on my own WIFI network. If I ask them to switch to their mobile phone network and shut off WIFI, then they can see the website. I just don’t know why they sometimes cannot access it.

That is weird. You should see if they are all using the same ISP or DNS provider. You can use sites like https://dnschecker.org/ to make sure that your DNS records or propagated correctly.

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I did the DNS checks on that website and I got green checks for all locations except for one. I remember back around the time that this issue started, that I was messing around in my PHP file trying to force all traffic from HTTP to https. I remember that I got the same issue on my computer and phone (when connected through WIFI), but all I had to do was go in and change my DNS server to Google’s at and I haven’t had any issue since.
Obviously though, I can’t have clients not being able to see my website and I can’t explain to all of them to go redirect their DNS server if they run into this issue.

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