This site cant be reached error occurring almost everytime

Been getting this error for a long time now. All other sites are working my internet is fine. What’s the problem with Cloudflare?

Look at this too, When I switch to another internet provider it works, which means Cloudflare is blocking my main internet provider for this site.

I am sincerely tired of this issue and our users complain about this a lot. If I can’t fix I might just switch from Cloudflare.

It’s definitely not a Cloudflare problem, as that’s not a Cloudflare error screen and it’s working for me and passes a global test. It looks like a DNS misconfiguration with either your device, or your ISP.

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If that is the case, how do I fix the issue of ISP misconfiguration because I can access my site with other ISPs. It is only this ISP that give me and some users this issue.

You’ll have to contact the ISP. Hopefully they can see why they don’t have the correct DNS records.

Okay. Just in case, what could be the device misconfiguration issue so I can also check too?

Sometimes people add a Local Hosts file to their computer with the wrong IP address. This is rarely needed, and unlikely in your situation. Using your ISP’s DNS isn’t always the best choice, which is why services like Cloudflare DNS ( and Quad9 ( exist.

This is not even an option being that users use this platform.

And I contacted the ISP and they said the issue is not from their end. What is an alternative?

Are you still encountering this issue @hi110?

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@hi110, +1 to that correct answer. I see your multiple tickets with Support have been merged into one. Please don’t open multiple tickets, it slows down Support’s ability to respond to other customers.

The connection is being refused by your origin server, this is not an issue with Cloudflare nor a cloudflare error screen.

@hi110, if you’ve tried from another network and are still seeing the same issues, I suspect that one is also being blocked. As shown by Support, the root issue involves a service not owned by Cloudflare. After you contact the ISP or the customers internal IT support team and troubleshoot further, please do share what you find.