This site can't be reached-DNS records incorrect

I needed to verify my site ownership for G Suite, I updated the nameservers per instructions all was fine. A couple hours later my site went down and I received the 1000 error message. I tried changing the A records as the trouble shooting suggested and now I get “This site can’t be reached” Please assist as i believe I’ve completely messed up the DNS records.

The A record pointing at is not correct. That is a Cloudflare IP address, not the origin IP address for your web server. You need to correct that IP address in the first instance.

You also have a CNAME record for ftp that is pointing at the root record, and which is :orange:. If I can assume this is used for an FTP server, it cannot be :orange:, as Cloudflare will not proxy FTP traffic. You should replace that CNAME with an A record pointing at the IP address for your ftp server, and which is :grey:

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